Source Code

The Aperture Tiles source code is available on GitHub. Aperture Tiles is freely available for download under The MIT License (MIT) open source licensing. Unlike GNU General Public License (GPL), MIT freely permits distribution of derivative work under proprietary license, without requiring the release of source code.

Aperture Tiles Source Code

For information on full installations of Aperture Tiles, see the Installation page.

Packaged Distribution

The following pre-built distribution can be used to quickly generate and display tiles without having to build the software. See the Quick Start documentation to help you quickly learn how to process a dataset, transform it and create an Aperture Tiles project that allows you to visualize it in a web browser.

  • Tile Generator: Enables you to generate a set of tiles that can be viewed using the Tile Client Application available below. This version was built for Apache Spark 1.3.0 and CDH 5.4.7.

    Tile Generator

  • Tile Quick Start Application: An example Tile Client application to display tiles in a browser. You can quickly copy and deploy this application to your web server after minimal modification.

    Tile Quick Start Application

Interested in Learning More?

  • Tour: Take our tour to learn more about Aperture Tiles.
  • Documentation: Learn how to install, implement and test your Aperture Tiles applications.
    • Quick Start: Our Julia dataset provides an example of the process for generating tiles and visualizing them using Aperture Tiles.
  • Live Examples: See our demos page to explore live examples of the capabilities of Aperture Tiles.